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Desktop Support Using PC Remote Control Sofware

Desktop tech support - post technical support experiences while working in the field of server and desktop pc support.

HP ILO - Remote Tech-Support Software

By Desktop Tech Support at 2014-04-23 23:24:23

HP iLO Technology Remote Control for Critical Application Server Support

Update 05262022 HP iLO is one of the technologies developed exclusively, at least originally, for server support. The technology developed and progressed to be a stable platform for remotely accessing servers for installation, maintenance and support. One of the most useful aspects of this technology is that it provides a means to connect to a server at a console level with having to be present at the server itself. This technology was developed early for enterprises that had server resources spread through many geographic locations yet their tech-support staff most commonly was centralized. Web based online remote access to desktops and servers for online support is common for both product support teams and for partners. The HP iLO technology enables tech-support staff to connect to servers remotely through the local network or over the Internet. A simple standard browser is required and network connectivity for web based online remote support software remote access and remote control. One of the great features of iLO is the separation of it's network interface from the rest of the server. The separation is not physical but logical. In the early years of Dell iDRAC the separation was also physical as the technology required a separate board to be installed in the server to provide the remote management and remote control access to the console of the server. This is similar to web based desktop support software. Web based desktop support software has similar features to HP iLO remote access and management software and technology in that there is remote access and remote control of a system through a network connection and often through a browser. This is not necessary for all remote desktop support applications. Web based desktop support support software does not require a separate board independent of the main system board or a separate network interface. The software uses the standard network interface of the system for communications.

HP iLO Remote Access Technology for Remote Support

The separation of the iLO interface and the rest of the system board mean that the remote access was not dependent on the main board to be functioning. This greatly aids in support ting the server when it has an issue or for applying firmware updates or during installations. The server does not even require hard-drives or even memory installed to be remotely accessible and remotely controlled through the HP iLO technology and network connection. Web based desktop support software does however require hard-drives and memory to be installed and operational in the remote desktop to be remotely access for remote support. A key difference with HP iLO and standard remote control software is that the system has to be working with an operational operating system and a network connection. Servers could be delivered for example, unpacked and just the iLO interface connected to the network. Tech-support or installation support could remote into the server and configure drives and other features of the server. In fact, the operating system can be installed completely remotely through the network and even Internet.

Web based Remote Access for Server Support

We support our computers online using remote access software. The software gives us remote control access to computers and servers. Similar to HP iLO and Dell DRAC, we have remote control access of the system console. The remote control access can be shared if that option is selected. Web based computer remote control using web based PC support software has enabled us to add more clients without having to add more filed technicians or help-desk staff. Support tickets can be handled faster by using web based desktop remote support software. With the web based software for PC remote control we can access servers and desktops through the web. Like HP iLO and Dell DRAC, we have complete remote access of the control. the access includes file transfer. With file transfer, we can copy over our most useful tools for removing malware or other malicious software. The support tools we use can also diagnose memory problems and some can even scan hard drives for errors. Web based computer remote support is accomplish online with web based desktop remote access. We use several tools for computer desktop PC support through the web. 4RemoteSupport is one of those tools we often use. One of the reasons is the quick connections and the ability to reconnect automatically to the remote computer desktop if there is a network problem. Unforeseen network problems can make remotely support computers, server, desktops, or PC systems more challenging. Another reason for using 4RemoteSupport is for the full remote control access. We find desktop screen-sharing access to be beneficial and the immediate access to the keyboard and mouse important. With some solutions, there needs to be a request to the remote user to permit access. Other benefits or features are:

  • For web based desktop remote support

  • For web based computer remote support

  • For web based PC remote support

Remote controlling servers with iLO differs in that the remote server has special circuit boards and ASICs with firmware to allow remote access and remote control of the server. Another major difference is that the iLO and iDRAC interfaces are separate from the mother board. The board to control iDRAC and iLO are separate in such a way that even during a remote control session the server can be restarted and the technical support agent will not lose connectivity to the server. During the entire reboot process, the remote control connection remains active. This is so crucial for remote control. Remote control through the web or online differs in such that software does not connect to specialized remote control and management interfaces on the server. It is not common practice but direct remote control access to iLO and iDRAC interfaces can be configured. Access directly through the web with a browser can be enabled. We don't normally do that. We would use a web based remote control applications like 4RemoteSupport remote control to connect to another system on the network. Once web based remote control access is achieved to another system on the same network as the server, we could then use iLO with a browser on the computer desktop PC we are remote controlling. We use the remote computer desktop as a jump off point to access other systems on the same network such as servers with iLO or iDRAC. Web based desktop remote support, web based computer remote support, web based PC remote support are all integrated features of remote support software. Remote support software can be run from an internal management station or externally through the web using a browser and an online Internet connection.

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By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-12-21 13:45:39
We have been using remote control online software for many years now. We were also using remote control software outside the local network well before the Internet came to grow and become the default interconnecting media and network for nearly all connections support or otherwise. In the early days we had used dial-up for remote controlling computers, desktops, and servers. Using such a connection was very difficult but we tried to make it work. Although clumsy and unreliable, we were still able to support clients and our own systems across vast geographical locations and that made our clients happy. This was inevitably the way we had to because there was no other optimal choice present for web based desktop support. We had to make the systems and remote assistance applications of the time work for us to support our end-users and clients. We even used applications like Microsoft NetMeeting to remotely access computers online through the network. It was conferencing software but we managed to use the remote access features to remote assistance in the form of web based computer remote control. Once we had remote control of the desktop or computer server we utilized the conferencing software in an ad-hoc method using it's on-demand web based PC remote control, and built-in web based desktop remote control capabilities that were actually secondary to conferencing but still enables us to access computers and server at long distances. Once we had the software setup on a remote system for us to connect to, we were able to reconnect as needed.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-12-20 19:28:19
We use iLO almost daily for accessing servers through the network. Software for remote control online, through the web or on the local network has enabled us to provide remote assistance not only for our clients but also for field engineers. It is similar to desktop screen-sharing software as we are able to remote control the remote computer system and the on-site technician can also see what is occurring on the computer system at the same time. The notion of supporting the client and our techs remotely with remote control computer access through the web , online , or on the local network is extended to the also enable us to effectively modify and update computers without having to be present at the remote computer system. We are able to, for example, update firmware or update hyper visors such as vMware ESXi over the network.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-11-16 10:49:12
Remote support software is used by my company's technical support staff constantly. Without remote support software we would have to maintain a larger staff of field technicians. 4RemoteSupport is one of the remote support software tools we use for online support. 4RemoteSupport enables us to remotely assist users from the web online. Online remote support software remote connection sessions are initiated form a web browser. Web browser support is the standard for initiating remote support software sessions online. 4RemoteSupport however also provides a stand alone executable that many other services of remote support software don't provide. The standalone remote support software program for online remote support can be downloaded and saved to a desktop share across roaming profiles, on a local file server share , local C: drive (system drive) of the computer desktop or server. In addition the remote support software program can be run anytime even without the aid of a browser. AS in most instances of remote support software solutions, the user has to go to a web site online with a browser to start a remote support session. With a stand alone remote support software executable, even if the browser on the remote workstation is having issue preventing access to the web or web site to get support, the stand alone remote support software program can be run to initiate a remote support session online through the web. Web based remote support can then still be achieved but without a browser requirement to start a new support session through the web. Connections are full desktop screen-sharing remote control connections just like the web based remote support software edition. Remote desktop control is the ultimate goal of remote support software.


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